Here we take the load off of you! We do all of our music production work through online communication. All you have to do is tell us how you want it, where you want it, and the way you want it to sound, and we got it from there!


We offer some of the best video quality in the area! We do weddings, birthdays, baby showers, short films etc. In addition, if your location is within our traveling ability, we can come to you!


If you need a Co-Writer for your next hot music single or even a ghost writer for your next song release, we can do that!

Making Music


If you've ever thought about turning your song idea into a possible smashing hit, then our "Record Producer" service is for you! With our record producing service we will have our producer take full control and responsibility of your song's production and Vocal production outcome and turn it into a sound that were sure you'll love!



Here we offer pianist/musician services to anyone in need for one! We do weddings, birthday's, funerals, Banquets, Church events, Lobby Music etc.



If you need that right crisp, sometime energetic, spontaneous, deep or even the perfect monotone voice recorded for your business, event or commercial then JYM Productions Voice-Over services are definitely for you!

Sound Waves


You've written the song, recorded the vocals and finished up your feature short film and now all you need is the right Post-Production work. With our Post-Production service, we offer professional mixing and mastering to get your track sounded just as good as what you hear on your local radio stations! Also, if you have a short film or video that you have recorded and would like us to edit that video for you and bring the raw footage to life, we can definitely do that for you!



If you have a talk show, business commercial or even a Youtube Vlog channel your starting and you feel your missing that catchy jingle song to bring life to your brand, then this is the service for you!






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JYM Productions is a high-quality Multi-Media Production Company out of N.C. We specialize in Music Production, Post-Production,  post production and sound studio. Our recipe for success is great people, collaborating to tell great stories, using the best equipment, in a comfortable environment. Our Raleigh North Carolina location surprises some but our studio has attracted top talent from LA, New York, Miami and other leading entertainment markets and provides a pleasant work environment for our staff and for our clients. We create our own original content for all platforms and work with third-party producers, filmmakers, and content creators to provide production services, post, music, and audio-post for their creations.

Walk through our nearly 20,000 square foot facility on any given day and you’ll find content being developed, produced, and finished by our talented team for networks and platforms such as PBS, TLC, DIY, HGTV, Amazon, and HBO, festivals such as Sundance, Full Frame, the LA Film Festival, and the Tribeca, and commercials for a number of major brands. All under one roof. We recently celebrated our 15 year anniversary and have delivered well over 1,000 TV shows, as well as numerous commercials, films and digital productions successfully meeting network, platform, and festival delivery specifications that grow more complex each day. Our high-speed digital pipeline and our firm grasp of the latest cloud-based technology allows clients and artists to tap into our tremendous resources from across town, across the country, or from anywhere in the world.